The Eternal Flame
Candle Magic & Sorcery of Fire Masterclass

Harness this ancient & trusted form of magic for any need or desire in your life

The only Step-by-step masterclass program teaching Candle Magic from absolute novice to fully competent magician

(Taught by Amaya and Damien Rourke)

Course Start Date: November 10th, 2021 (Wednesday)

Amaya is an animistic professional astrologer, celestial mage, & lifelong practitioner of folk magic. She believes in deep relationship with the living world to easily sync with the slipstream of time & space.

Damien was initiated into the occult as a teen and has invested 30+ years putting his knowledge of several schools of magical thought to the test in real world settings.

The first Eternal Flame classes sold out (50+ Students each cohort) in less than 12 days.
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Eternal Flame Cohort 3
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Important: While this class is live, and lessons come each week, you are free to complete the class at YOUR pace. You never have to worry about falling behind due to a busy schedule. Students get lifetime access and Amaya and I will support you through each week for as long as you wish; your pace and your schedule.

Recent student feedback from the first 'Eternal Flame' class:

"The results & benefits I got, from taking The Eternal Flame course, even in just the first few weeks were amazing. I especially recommend it for people who prefer to work alone or are just wanting to explore their own practice in a safe and encouraging environment." Claire Cozens (@mondaysaries)

"The Eternal Flame course with Damien and Amaya was essential to helping me understand why so many other books and methods didn't click with me. I now have a deeper understanding of practical magic, and was impressed with the safe, empathetic, and fun atmosphere of the course!" Whitney Hill (@write_wherever)

If you want to interact with us directly before you sign up (or verify our results directly with our students), you can find me at & you can find Amaya at

The Eternal Flame
Candle Magic Masterclass
Cohort 3

Course Start Date: November 10th, 2021 (Wednesday)
Course Length:
13 Weeks
Course Price:
397 USD (Month & Bi-Weekly Payment options available)

Enrollment Open Now!

Damien and Amaya, saying hi from the Emerald Isle! Thank you for coming by to find out about our upcoming class: The Eternal Flame - Candle Magic and the Sorcery of Fire Masterclass!

From folk magic and Rootworking, to Slavic Sorcery and the Thai Occult, Amaya and I have pulled out all the stops working many late nights to give you a rich and robust system of candle magic.

Together we distill and expound the active, working components of truly effective candle magic that changes lives and empowers occult practices.

We are so excited to share this with the world! Students in the class will enjoy:

  • From Beginning to Mastery: The Eternal Flame works to take you from absolute beginner to being able to not only work candle magic based on long, trusted spells and recipes - but also be able to create your own magical workings to bring you what you most desire. Protection, love, sex, money, devotion, theurgy... all will be taught.
  • A proven and replicable system of magic that can be seamlessly integrated into any practice, religious devotion, theurgy, or used as a practice all on its own.
  • Step-by-step instructions and personal guidance from Amaya and I, taking you from Candle Magic 101 to a fully capable Magician of the Sorcery of the Eternal Flame.
  • Specially recorded guided audio tracks for use in ritual and meditation work, completely custom-recorded for this class.
  • A thorough and practical working understanding of the magical properties of herbs and oils that can be used to dress your candles for more effective spell work AND also be used in many other magical practices.
  • Be part of a safe and loving community: We keep our online classes intimate so that each student gets the attention, time, and the guidance they need to master the art of candle magic. A safe space to explore and talk about magic is integral to learning!
  • Start from ANY form of praxis: There is no minimum experience required. ANY religion, spiritual practice, or no practice at all--candle magic is a powerful system in and of itself. (In fact, fun tidbit: almost every religion in the world is using elements of candle magic in their theurgical and prayer practices!)

Special Gift! Each student completing The Eternal Flame Masterclass will have One magical candle (handmade in beeswax - not store-bought), dressed and blessed by both Damien and Amaya. Every student's magical candle will be placed on a dedicated sacred altar, and will be lit, prayed over, and reinforced with additional spellwork for any single desired outcome that the student wishes - love, health, abundance - whatever the student decides; for 3 consecutive months. This is a great chance to put a lot of magic towards a long-term outcome or desire.

The Eternal Flame Masterclass: A Deep Look Inside Arkheina's Exciting New Magical Training Course

What exactly IS The Eternal Flame class and what can it do for you?

The Eternal Flame class is a distillation of what Amaya and I have learned, practiced, and benefited greatly from, over our combined 30+ years, thanks to candle magic.

Amaya has years invested in her own unique use of Candle Magic in her personal devotionals, protection spells for loved ones and family, as well as for healing work.

And I have used Candle Magic in business and creative pursuits, as well as getting out of sticky situations, ending relationships that went sour, and more.

Let’s break down exactly what you’ll learn, and benefit from, as a student of The Eternal Flame Masterclass:

Damien & Amaya's candle magic course officially started yesterday and right away I have to note something that many people might consider very minor but which is really important for me: every part of the lesson with an audio file has a TRANSCRIPT! This is huge for me because I struggle a lot with focusing on audio or videos/presentations where a person is simply speaking. Having a transcript is a HUGE help for me & I can clearly follow the lesson without being completely mentally drained from the effort! - Chelydoreus

[Every Lesson comes with
audio, images & a Full Transcript
of the lesson for ease of study!]

The Eternal Flame - Week 1: Foundation, the power of magical intention, Hermetic ‘3 Aspects of Being’, and magical meditation using candles.

Week one will be both a celebration of new beginnings, as well, as laying a powerful foundation of what candle magic is capable of doing with exciting, real-world examples.

You will learn the power of magical will/intention and how the development of that will is the key to becoming an incredible magician. (The other half of the magical power equation are deep reciprocal relationships with the world unseen and non-human, which we'll also talk about!)

You will get a fantastic understanding of the 3 Aspects of Being (Physical, Astral, and Mental Body) along with practical steps on how to develop each one using candle magic. If there is one area in all the occult community that Amaya and I see lacking, it’s this.

Developing these ‘3 Aspects of Being’ will lead to greater intuition, deeper ability in any form of magic of practice you pursue and will transform experiential theurgy. It will also aid you in connecting with your guides, entities, and non-human beings that you seek to build relationships with. (Will is not enough by itself to power your magic, but it's a huge component!)

Having this ability developed makes the difference between working magic blindly (and hoping something happens) and knowing and sensing the flow of power through your magic.

There will also be a guided meditation with brain entrainment audio to start you down the path to developing your ‘3 Aspects of Being.’

The Eternal Flame - Week 2: Types of Candles (Altar, Astral, Petition, Pull-Outs, & Novelty) and their uses. Setting a clearly defined magical objective for the course.

The three main classifications of candles used in Spiritual work are:

  • The main Altar or INVOCATIONAL candles, which are lit to summon the presence of a Deity or Special Power;
  • The Personal, or ASTRAL candles which represent individuals based on Zodical Sign; and
  • The Purpose or OFFERTORY candles which carry the petition or desire into the Cosmic.

This week we will take a deep look at each major type of candle and how they were used historically. Also, how to select the right candle for a magical working.

You will be asked to choose ONE magical objective of an outcome you wish to create by the end of the class. This could be a raise at work, ending a bad relationship, creating a new relationship, etc. 

This will give you a real-time feedback loop in order to track your progress and recognize growth and achievement.

This class isn't just to entertain you, it's to help you create amazing things in your life.

The Eternal Flame - Week 3: Crucial Understanding Between Casting versus Constructing Spells. 

We will cover the important difference between casting a spell and constructing or building spells.

This lesson will give valuable insight into the greater effectiveness when a magician builds or constructs a spell versus casting a spell as a one-off. This will include layering in levels of power, creating or locating magical power sources, how-to refine the nuance in the outcome you seek, and adding in boundaries to better control outward magical effect.

By the end of Week 3 you will learn how to:

- Design a clear objective for a spell

- Carefully choose the object/situation/person to be acted upon (passive substitution)

- The precise resulting action desired

- Intelligently determine the source of power for the spell

- The all-important release of the spell

BONUS Lesson - Designing a Ritual Altar Pt 1: You will also learn how to design a ritual altar for maximum effect. Many occultists don’t understand that how altars are laid out can have incredible implications on the ability to create, hold, and disperse magical power. We will break this topic up into two parts for ease of learning.

The Eternal Flame - Week 4: Aspects of the Magical Candle and its uses.

This lesson is one of our personal favorites. You will discover how each part of a candle is like the human body; having different abilities and uses. When you understand the various aspects of a candle, much like a doctor with deep insight into human biology, you will quickly be able to craft powerfully customized candles and candle magic.

Taking full advantage of the magical potential of the materia.

Designing a Ritual Altar Pt 2 The final part to designing a ritual altar including sample blueprints for you to follow, should you desire to do so.

The Eternal Flame - Week 5: Astral (starry or star-like) Candles for theurgy and self-empowerment.

As the name implies, each individual is like a star in the universe. This will include identifying one's birth chart and how to create a powerfully aligned candle suited to one's unique astral makeup.

You will be delighted to learn how your own Astral Candle can be used in magical remediation, skill development, better regulation of emotions and mental stability, and more.

Sit spellbound as the brilliant astrologer and magician, Amaya Rourke, takes center stage for this lesson. She will teach you how Astral Candles are used to represent the person who is burning the candles or the person(s) for whom the candles are being burned. Amaya will also talk about making Astral Candles for theurgical purposes that can help bring you into deeper synchronization with the flow of time and space.

The Eternal Flame - Week 6: Candle colors, their symbolism, and meaning, how to blend color candles with your unique astral candle to greatly enhance your Candle Magic

This week will reveal how color pigment is matter releasing energy at a certain rate of speed, or "wave-length". The color of a candle (or of anything in your immediate environment) is like a "key" that unlocks a certain compartment of your subconscious mind, and of your entire being. It alters your mood and therefore, can greatly alter your magic.

Those who cannot actually "see" colors can nevertheless feel their vibratory effects. A candle's color wave-length or frequency activates or energizes a certain part of your being as it penetrates your sight or your astral body. 

Each color also carries the vibratory effects of one of the Planetary influences, and or one of the four "elements," — Earth, Fire, Air, or Water.

There are so many exciting aspects to this and we can’t wait to share them with you!

The Eternal Flame - Week 7: Old School Fixin' & Dressing Candles 1, using oils; and ritually charging the candle.

We will thoroughly breakdown why you must properly prepare a candle, before it may be placed upon your Altar, or lit for ritual.

"Dressing" a candle consists of three important steps:

  • Cleansing and exorcising it of any previous impressions that may be embedded in it
  • Blessing the candle; or "Consecrating" it for Spiritual use
  • Anointing, or "charging" the candle with your special intentions.

Week 7 will cover dressing oils from rootwork and other traditions. You will get easy-to-follow charts and documents of specific oils and their ritual uses.

Representing the essence of the spell, the life force, the elixir of life, the oils in your candle are the element of Water. In many creation stories, all of life comes from water; it is seen as the origin and continued source of life.

The oils you choose for your spell trigger the emotional commitment to your spell, affirming your life and how magic will help you continue it in a vital way. The olfactory sense has the strongest memory of all the senses and the most profound emotional trigger. The correct combination of oils can incite further passion in your spell.

The Eternal Flame - Week 8: Fixin' & Dressing Candles 2, using herbs; and ritually carving candles.

The Earth provides us with all our tools of magic, herbs being some of the earliest. As you add each herb to your ritual blend, you are adding spirit to your spell; building with elementals. This is an extremely powerful part of your spell, as it defines your outcome in the blending of its magic. 

When ritually carving candles we are talking about carving magical symbols, words, or numbers into a candle. For example, just like anointing a candle: top-down for bringing something to you, bottom-up for sending it away.

When you carve into the candle, you are embedding your intention into the wax in a very earthy way. 

Combine the candle carving with anointing, and now you have a full-fledged ritual. We’ll teach you all the ins and outs of what you can do and how to do it!

The Eternal Flame - Week 9: Votive and Chime Spells for rapid results.

When you need fast results without a lot of prep time...

Votives and chime candles are the perfect options for quick spells, altar offerings, and simple intention and meditation work.

Chime candles have a very short two-hour burn time, and votives are anywhere between eight and fifteen hours. These quick burns are great for...

  • Giving a really focused oomph to a spell that is already in process (like when you are waiting on the outcome of a love spell)
  • When you need a moment of quick-change (like getting word on a job interview)
  • When you want to offer up a prayer for someone (like a healing prayer).

Chime and votive candles are also an excellent choice to use when your focus is a non-candle spell. The colors and flames add energy to whatever spell you are crafting. You can use the chime and votives to move around on your altar for a very refined ceremony.

You will get deep, working knowledge of how to leverage votive and chime spells for fast magical results, in any situation.

The Eternal Flame - Week 10: Multi-person spells, moving candle spells, and protection spells.

This is the week where true mastery in candle magic starts to make itself known in your life.

Moving candle spells are where you literally move the candles every time you relight them or say another part of the spell. This is another notch in the sympathetic magic belt. These little candle rituals can also add in: poppets (dolls), herbs, salt, pictures— for truly amazing results.

You will learn how imagination is key with moving candle spells. 

The elements of a moving candle spell are a starting point (where you are now), an ending point (where you want to be), and the obstacles to getting there.

You can move the candles across the table, you can burn the candle upside down, you can light and then extinguish the candle, you can drip wax on something, you can cut the candle in half—the options are endless. 

In week 10 We will give a full example of moving candle spells to be used for protection. These spells can be adapted to add powerful magical protection to oneself, family, pets, property, or pretty much anything that you love and care for.

The Eternal Flame - Week 11: Money & Abundance Spells!

We will build on the insights from Week 10, only now we will give a proven and effective framework and foundation for using moving candle spells for drawing abundance, raises, and opening doors of opportunity.

The Eternal Flame - Week 12: Love and Sex Spells!

We will further build on the insights from Week 11 - only now we will give a proven and effective framework and foundation for using moving candle spells to draw love, free oneself from a bad relationship, or draw great sex!

This will be non-compulsion-based magic so the effects of the spellwork will be holistic, longer-lasting, and without the ‘eventual fallout,’ the is the inevitable outcome of compulsion magic.

The Eternal Flame - Week 13: Dripping Wax Spells to create magical seals.

This is a week of celebration, as your thrilling study of candle magic comes to an end, but is just getting started in your life!

In week 13 you will discover when you seal something magically, you are using a dripping wax spell.

You will end Week 13 learning how to create a sweet jar, love jar, protection jar, healing poppet, or even sealing a letter using a dripping wax spell. Letting a candle drip on top of something, encasing it in particular energy like love, prosperity, or justice - is wonderful magic.

How Does The Eternal Flame Masterclass Operate?

Once you register for The Eternal Flame class, you will be put into personal contact with Amaya and me. We both love to meet new people and are so excited to meet you and find out how we can best be your companions in studying magic!

You will also be added to the private & safe community group specifically created for students of The Eternal Flame class. This group will become your second family, your tribe, and a safe place to learn and grow in the power of candle magic. We protect and diligently guard this space so that all students feel loved and welcomed.

Each and every person will be supported and encouraged in every way possible in this group. It will also be maintained as a safe space, allowing everyone to participate in discussions, ask questions, and meet new friends!

Each weekly lesson will build on the previous week's lesson. These lessons are recorded, so you can come back to them again and again. You can learn at your own pace and are welcome to ask as many questions as you need to.

Occasionally Amaya will hold a live zoom office hours, to answer your questions and give everyone an opportunity to hang out.

Amaya and I are absolutely dedicated to your success!

The Eternal Flame class was made for ANY practice, with just a small weekly time investment!

The beautiful thing about candle magic is this: it’s a great system of magic even if you don’t have a current spiritual practice. If you’re new to the occult world and aren’t sure about your path, candle magic will serve you extremely well.

I know very capable magicians and occultists whose sole practice IS candle magic.

And, if you already have a practice or devotion, candle magic can be used to enhance and deepen your power, experiences, abilities, and results, without disrupting your practice in the least.

Another thing: unlike a lot of occult systems out there, we’ve designed The Eternal Flame course to require as little time investment from you as possible.  No, you won't be able to glance through the lessons and come out a powerful magician.

But, for people with fast-paced lives and a lot of work and family responsibilities; you can learn and begin to use candle magic in thrilling ways with only a couple of hours a week invested.

If you have more time to devote to your practice, fantastic! But it’s not a necessity. 

Not to mention the materials needed to work candle magic are very affordable and easily accessible in most parts of the world.

Jump into the joy of life emerging, and use this blessed Spring and Summer to create amazing magical outcomes!

Here in the third quarter of 2021, our planet has begun a new cycle. The Summer is within view and with it a fresh promise. In the west, we have a new political regime. Vaccines are rolling out worldwide for COVID-19.

Life has begun to move on.

If you’ve felt stuck or mired down in what was 2020, and all the fear and uncertainty and loss that touched nearly every one of us, maybe it’s time to step into a new dimension of your spiritual life…

More connection with your higher values…

Deeper devotion to what means the most to you...

Learning to leverage an amazing source of power and ability so that you can have greater influence over your personal reality.

Amaya and I truly believe in our hearts, that with the coming of Spring and Summer, we all can relish in the birth and blooming of fresh life. And we both want nothing more than for YOU to truly be a capable magician and occultist.

Candle magic is a wonderful practice that makes so much possible if you are willing to invest just a little time and effort.

And with both Amaya and me walking side-by-side with you into either a new practice of candle magic…

Or learning to utilize Candle Magic in a practice that you already love and enjoy…

This is a great time to start that journey with us.

We're Waiting For You to Join Us!

Getting enrolled in ‘The Eternal Flame: Candle Magic and the Sorcery of Fire Masterclass’ is super simple.

At the bottom of this page are payment options that are designed to be easily accessible to everyone. You can pay Bi-weekly, monthly, or in one easy payment.

Simply select which option makes the most sense for your budget and proceed to enroll in the class.

Also, feel confident in knowing that, if at any time, you feel like The Eternal Flame isn’t right for you; you can cancel with no hard feelings. 

We are so excited to start this powerful journey with you!

Amaya & Damien Rourke
If you want to interact with us directly before you sign up, you can find me at & you can find Amaya at

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"If you're ready to stop waiting for life to happen to you and start creating your own life, Damien's teachings will take you to a new level. I thought I'd read and learned just about everything around this topic but Damien's deep knowledge and gift of writing & teaching taught me things I'd never considered before." Gabriel Galloway Omat

The Eternal Flame
Candle Magic Masterclass
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Course Start Date: November 10th, 2021 (Wednesday)
Course Length:
13 Weeks

Course Price:
397 USD (Month & Bi-Weekly Payment options available)

10% of ALL profits from this class are donated to help indigenous tribes, animal rescue, and sacred sites at risk due to lack of funding from COVID-19 lockdowns.

Have questions about the Eternal Flame Class? Feel free to email me at and I will be happy to help you!

Important: After you proceed with checkout we will reach out to you, via email, and get you enrolled in your Eternal Flame community should you wish to be added.

Easy Payment Options:

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Kayla Roszelle: A student in The Eternal Flame Course

"I had never been involved in any online teaching, but I had spent many years following gurus, teachers, and spent time in groups, etc. I ended up suffering from information overload, and really wanted to work with someone who could guide me with practical advice, in order to achieve my goals and make actual lasting change.

Unfortunately, it was a difficult task in finding someone who did anything more than just regurgitating information they heard from other teachers. I wanted more than that. I wanted someone who actually made accomplishments in their life by using the exact steps they were going to teach me.

Fortunately, the universe led me to Damien Rourke. Immediately I felt comfortable as the group setting was intimate and personal, and immediately gave me a feeling of safety. My voice was heard and I was seen as an individual.

The teachings themselves were amazingly deep. At first, you are taken in with the beautiful writing and storytelling. It leads you on a journey of self-discovery. The work is deep and it is meaningful. Then you are provided with clear and actionable steps to take in order to create the reality you desire. Damien is with you every step of the way. He is fully present and guides you, giving you empathy, encouragement, and support the entire time.

This journey has been one of the best decisions I have made. I have learned more about myself but, surprisingly I’ve learned what I really desire and value. I have been given life-changing information that I can take with me and use to achieve any goal I want to pursue. No longer living a life of should, I finally feel free to I become whatever I want to be."

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